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Sentinel Concepts Elite Revelation BackPack

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    The Revelation Back Pack

    Sentinel Concepts Elite Collection

    Mission Specific Back Pack Designed by Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts


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    Made from durable 500D Cordura Nylon in Casual Colors, The Revelation Back Pack is designed to conceal a S.B.R. with up to 10.5" barrel or AR 15 with Law Tactical Folder up to 22"  with a 30Rd Magazine

    Heavy Duty Lockable Zipper Pulls.

    It has a standard back pack appearance, NO MOLLE or Patch areas or Tactical appearance at all allowing you to blend into daily environments.

    From the OUTSIDE this backpack is a basic backpack.

    The Exterior Bungee Laced Front can be used to carry additional items such as a jacket or sweatshirt

    There are Dual Water Bottle pouches on the sides

    A Zippered E.D.C. Pouch for Keys, Phones, etc.

    Allowing for a wide variety of consumers to find that "sweet spot" while wearing it.

    The Chest Strap is also removable and adjustable for height.

    The Revelation has padding on the back and thick padded adjustable shoulder straps

    The Shoulder Straps feature a Pull to Tighten system allowing them to be "snugged in place" on while wearing.


    Once you get to the Interior You will see the more essential features.


    Pull Down Zippered Pouch Hides a Velcro Loop Backed Panel Allowing for  Velcro Hook Backed Accessories ( such as Extra Magazines or First Aid items,)

    Hanging from the center is also a D ring to allow a Clip On Pouch to be quickly accessed.

    On the Interior of the Larger Zippered Open Pouch of the Back Pack is where the weapon would hide.

    3 Additional D Rings hang from the opposite side, allowing for more Clip On Accessories.

    There is a "false" front with a Quick Access Pull Handle, allowing the gun to be covered and hidden.

    The Side Walls are lined in Velcro allowing for a wide variety of optics, lights and other and add-ons to also be concealed while on the weapon.

    Also included is a 4" retention strap to give that extra security.

    The Bottom of the pack has a stiffener to prevent the muzzle from protruding.

    So Many Features all hidden in the Revelation Back Pack.





    Over All Foot Print Size Length 22"x Width 12.5" Depth 4"

    4 Zippered Pockets


    7"W x 5"D

    Top  Inner

    8"W X 10 D

    Bottom Lower

    10"W x 8.5" D

    Water Bottle Pouches  8.5" Deep

    Zippered Front Pocket

    8"-12" Taper x 17" D


    For More Information on the Law Tactical Folder- visit our friends at

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    1. great but needs a couple improvements.

      So I purchased this one after I bought the sneaky bag version. There are things on both bags that were better than the other. The reason I ended up with the Tuff version is that the other bag was a hair to short, couldn't conceal the rifle when opening the main compartment and it didn't have the base plate at the bottom on the bag. Those three things alone made me spend the money twice. I do like the Tuff bag a lot and it's conceals my pistol AR very well. It has plenty of storage space.
      So here is my wish list for Tuff. I wish the Tuff version had molle in the area where the gun is stored in the rear, I wish the zippers were heavy duty (like the sneaky version), I wish the material was a bit thicker (like the sneakey version), I want more colors, and lastly I wish it was a bit wider across (about 2") so I can fit three 30rd mags a littler better in the secondary section where the Velcro is.
      I know my needs aren't the same as everyone else but the wish list would improve storage stability and longevity of the pack.
      You won't be disappointed and I'm happy with my purchase.
      on Sep 19th 2017

    2. Awesome Tuff

      I finally found a product that its description is right on...Thank You! on Jul 11th 2017


      very low profile great design material is Tuff lol it's not a rapid deployment bag because it's not intended for that fits my MPX pistol perfect with 30 round mag the weight distribution compared to other tactical bags is amazing my only negative and it's only personal to me I'm 5 7 with a small torso so the bag is about 4 inches too big on Jul 6th 2017


      very discrete. very Tuff. lol great slim profile. has one purpose not like tactical bags with too much going on.
      shoulder straps distributes the wieght perfect
      my only down side is I'm 5'7 with short torso so bag is about 4" too big but the city slim makes up for it.
      it's not a rapid deployment bag and not designed for that
      low pro and good to go even my daughter was trying to take it
      on Jul 2nd 2017

    5. Great Design

      No one ever guesses what is in my pack! Great design and very good craftsmanship.
      Can not wait for other colors to be released!
      on May 10th 2017

    6. Perfect Size

      Not Huge at all. Fits my SBR and Medical items perfectly. Best Thing about this bag is it does not yell I have a GUN . Great Job Steve and TUFF on Feb 21st 2017

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    • Revelation Backpack For SBR & AR15 Pistol | Sentinel Concepts Elite Line By Tuff Products
      For more information on the bag, please visit: http://www.tuff...

    Revelation Backpack For SBR & AR15 Pistol | Sentinel Concepts Elite Line By Tuff Products

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