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9017 TUFF Surefit Competition Belt Set

  • Product Description

    9017  SureFit™ Competition Belt System


    Limited Stock

    If not in stock- Custom Made as you order. Eta 1-2 weeks.

    • Inner and Outer Belt System
    • 1000D Accent Layer
    • 1½” Polymer Core makes it the “TUFF-est” Belt on the Market Today
    • Customizable Hook Lined Outer Belt
    • Customizable Loop Lined Inner Belt
    • Loop Lined Keeper Sticks to Belt To Prevent Loss.

    Colors Available
    Royal Blue, Red, and Black

    For the Best Fit- Order the size that corresponds to your pant size.

    NOW AVAILABLE 9017-BBHPads - To Help Prevent the Bruises that come from Everyday Shooting and Practice.



    XS (24-30)  S (28-34)  M (34-40)  L (40-46) XL (46-52)


    Instructions on MODIFYING Your Belt.

    Wrap the belt around you- where you would normally wear it.

    Find the spot that is comfortable and note it.

    If the spot requires shortening of the belt- take a pair of scissors and CUT BETWEEN THE GRAY COLORED STITCHES. - DO NOT CUT ON THE LINE- Cut between the lines.

    With the frayed end, use a lighter and burn the frayed ends down.

    Your Belt will be ready to use once that is complete. Most people do not have to cut their belts down, but some do. This way you can make a perfect CUSTOM Fit to your system if it does not comes as a perfect fit.


    If you get stuck or can not understand the instructions- feel free to call 877-883-3776 and we will gladly walk you through it.


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    1. love it

      works great, stays in place on Apr 10th 2017

    2. THEY WORK!

      What else needs to be said? They look good they fit they function as advertised,they work! on Oct 5th 2016

    3. Quality product

      Quality product, so far I am very pleased with the quality in how this belt is made. Fits outstanding , looks great , most importantly it works. Some people may think it's a little pricey but really people you get what you pay for. on Oct 5th 2016

    4. Super Tuff Belt

      This belt is by far the best for competition. I have used several competitors belts in the past. This belt by TUFF is the strongest and the longest lasting Velcro I've ever used. Going on 3 years of use and still TUFF. on Aug 12th 2016

    5. GAME-CHANGER (literally!)

      I knew my gear setup was holding me back. Once I got the Tuff 3-Gun belt, it was a whole new ballgame (or gun game)! It is stiff enough to hold pistol mags, rifle mags, and shotgun caddies, but not too stiff to hurt my hipbones! Love everything about it. And, it looks cool too! :) on Apr 18th 2016

    6. finally!

      Fantastic Belt for any competitions! I've been running it since January for USPSA and 3Gun and it holds up better than anything I've tried. Just like the rest of their products this thing is TUFF! on Apr 18th 2016

    7. Tuff and Sharp looking !

      This is a STIFF Belt. It does not move around! Your gear is where you put it.
      Great Product!
      PS. Love the Tuff fastener that stays attached to the belt- genius!
      on Apr 12th 2016

    8. Glad I took the Chance on this Belt!

      Not really familiar with the Tuff brand. I took a chance after seeing the reviews and WOW.
      This belt is Stiff and does not move. The veclro is Strong! It Fit me perfectly without having to cut anything down.
      I now need to get another one for my 3Gun Setup and I will be ready for anything!
      Great Work Tuff!
      on Apr 7th 2016

    9. Been shooting for a while

      I can not say enough about the ability to cut the belt down to fit. Genius idea. Usually I am between sizes but now my belt is the perfect size for me!
      I have the blue and black one now, and will be getting a red and black soon so I can keep my different rigs all set and ready to go.

      Keep up the great thinking outside the box!
      on Apr 5th 2016

    10. incredible Belt

      Just recently received the red and black belt. Like to give two thumbs up for this product. First impression is the inner belt is so "thin" and "TUFF". Not to mentioned that the extension of the length allowed you to simply cut to fit and is so comfortable to wear which I wear it in my daily life now (loving it). The outer belt also come with the extension and easy to trim to fit. "TUFF" is the name .... Incredible...

      When out to a local match with the setup. Belt holds up without any problem and very comfortable not like some other belt can't hold up the weight. I would recommended everyone out there to give it a try and I truly believe you will never regard for your investment. Looking to get another set for my son...
      on Mar 29th 2016

    11. Amazing Belt

      This is a super Stiff comp belt. I have a red one and it matches my jersey too!
      One thing I love is not having to pick up my belt fastener off the floor since this one is attached to the belt by velcro, I always know where it is. Great Product!
      on Mar 29th 2016