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7907 QuickStrips Tactical Pouch

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    The Tuff™ Tactical QuickStrip™ Pouch holds 1 or 2 loaded QuickStrips™ and wraps around belts up to 2".
    Double layered nylon with two vertical military grade bar-tacks hold your strips upright once the flap is open.

    Size 1 (Small) Holds 1 or 2 Loaded QuickStrips™
    5 rounds of .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm,..7mm Mag,.375 H&H 300 Win Mag,.45 Auto Rim
    6 rounds of .223,.32,.327,9mm Luger/Parabellum

    Size 2 (Medium) Holds 1 or 2 Loaded QuickStrips™
    5 Rounds 30-30,.410 Shotgun,.44,.45,.458 Lott,.458 Win Mag,.460, .50AE,

    10 rounds of .17HM2, .22 Short, .22LR,

    10 rounds of .17 HMR,.22 Magnum

    6 rounds of .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm,.243 Win, 257 Roberts, 270 Win, .308,.30-06,.338 Federal, .41 Magnum, .45 ACP,.30-30,.
    410 Shotgun,.44,.45,.458 Lott,.458 Win Mag,.460, .50AE,.7mm Mag,.375 H&H 300 Win Mag,.45 Auto Rim,

    7 rounds of .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm

    Size 3 (Large) Holds 1 or 2 Loaded QuickStrips™
    5 rounds of .416 Rigby,.500 Linebaugh 6 rounds of .475,.480,.500 S&W
    8 rounds of .223,.32,.327,9mm Luger/Parabellum .357, .38, .40 S&W, .6.8mm QuickStrips™

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    1. Large Quick Strip Pouch

      I purchased this pouch to compliment my S&W 640 that I carry off-duty. I also purchased 2 of the 8 round quick strips for 357 Magnum. The pouch does exactly what it is designed for. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who chooses to carry a revolver for off-duty or concealed carry. on Mar 6th 2017

    2. Quickstrip Pouch

      The Tuff Quickstrip Pouch carries Quickstrips (two 8-rounders, in my case) efficiently and discretely. I carry mine strong-side at or ahead of my right front pocket for easy access. on Jan 25th 2017

    3. Nice item, but....

      Nice pouch. I only problem is that when you insert 2 full strips of 410, you can barely close the flap. on Jan 8th 2017

    4. Excellent product

      Understanding how the pouch works, you realize that it is a great asset to your revolver carry gear.

      Very well made, quality all the way.
      on Dec 29th 2016

    5. Alternate use.

      Great case, holds 3 s@w bodyguard 6 rounds standing straight up. Not what its made for but works great. on Nov 22nd 2016

    6. quickstrip pouch

      Excellent product. Am also buying more. on Nov 15th 2016

    7. well made, light weight product

      Light weight, be prepared to catch the strip once the Velcro is pulled free. on Nov 8th 2016

    8. Goog, But Tight

      Good workmanship, but the 5-rd strips fit a lot tighter then 7-rd strips fit in a 7-rd TUFF pouch I have. on Nov 1st 2016

    9. Perfect Speedstrip / Quickstrip Pouch

      The #2 (medium) model 7907 Tactical Pouch holds my 6 round .38/.357 Speedstrips just fine. In the future I will try the Quickstrips as I expand my usage. on Aug 10th 2016

    10. Just What You Need

      I ordered my pouch along with the high speed Quickstrip product and am beyond impressed with the quality and all around versatility of this pouch when it comes to holding my two five round orange Quickstrips for my new .38 Airweight revolver. If you have the Quickstrips or are in the market for such, I highly recommend them... BUT, don't forget your pouch! Happy and safe shooting! on Apr 6th 2016

    11. Get the bigger size

      Medium pouch for 2-5 rd strips of 38 spcl is really too small for 10 rds plus the two strips. Not adequate space for 1 1/2 inch wide belt. Causes it to have less Velcro to hold on belt. Wish I had ordered the larger one. I'll us it for awhile. Just my out of the box initial impression. on Mar 4th 2016

    12. Nice pouch

      Got the pouch along with the quickstrips for a 22 mag. Everything fits real nice. Wraps onto your belt quick and easy. Will order more for different guns. on Feb 18th 2016

    13. not as friendly as advertised

      i am not happy with this product.

      i am using it to hold 2X 6 rounds of 38 special, which it said the medium size holds well. it does not at all.

      it barely wraps around the belt and hold the rounds.

      then when i open the pouch the rounds came flying out, every time
      on Jan 22nd 2016

    14. Small Tuff's Tactical Quick Strips Pouch

      Great product; holds two .38 caliber, five round quick strips perfectly and velcros right to your belt for easy access. on Dec 27th 2015

    15. Well thought out pouch

      It has two open bottomed dividers to keep your loaded Tuff Strips separate and handy. They come in three sizes, I have one for a six shooter and one for two ten strips of 22 WMR, which is a little bigger. Completely conceals the spare ammunition from view and looks like a nylon wallet on Dec 13th 2015