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4298 TUFF iTuck Conceal Carry Phone / Firearm Holster

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    TUFF iTuck™
    (Phone Case with Hidden IWB Holster)

    • Heavy Duty 1 ¾” Metal Clip
    • Holds iPhone™ 4,5,6, or Samsung™ Galaxy™ or Similar ( Up to 5.5" Tall x 3.5" Wide 1" Deep)

    • Pocket for Driver License, Credit Card & Cash
    • Hidden Holster Pocket Conceals Firearm

    For the iPhone 6plus,Galaxy Notes and larger phones click here

    Available in Black RipStop or Black Nylon.
    The RipStop Material is the one with the Diamond Textured Fabric.

    Size 11 Fits
    LCP,BE21,P380,SS238,TCAT, 738,Pony, ( With or W/O Crimson Trace Laser) and Similar Sizes

    Size 10 Fits
    LCR, Glock 43 J Frame ,SW 3913, PF9, Gl 17.19.22.,Be Nano, LC9, SS230 PPK, PPKS, Sr9C, SS239, XDS45, Kahr PM9/40/45 And Similar (With or Without Crimson Trace Lasers)

    The Firearms listed on the Size Chart are the Standard Firearm. (Not counting the extended mags, or additional grips etc. that can be added on.)

    (Patent Pending)

    TUFF iTuck Conceal Carry Holster and Phone Case from TUFF Products - Videos on Vimeo.

    This is a Small Chart of the MANY Firearms this will fit.




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    1. Awesome concealed carry for the big guy.

      Fits well below belt line for us big guys. No pressure to side or groin area. Keeps gun concealed until drawn. on Nov 21st 2016

    2. LOVE IT!

      This works perfect for my brand new glock 43. Hides in plain sight and no one is the wiser.
      The CLIP was a little hard to get on at first, but grips my belt tight. exactly how it should be should the time arise when i need to get it out i know it will not be a problem.
      learning how to draw from it took a little time, but like with any new holster-practice is the key.

      on Aug 18th 2016

    3. too bulky

      I bought the smaller size and its too bulky even with a smaller Beretta 25 cal. Not comfortable to sit down with Colt .380 I got it for. Tried working with it with both guns and clip pulled off of belt one time too. Even with looser pants, it's too noticeable. I'll probably try to return it. Good idea; just not good enough. on Aug 18th 2016

    4. great concealment

      Don't care for the clip. The holster works well in a state that you can't carry in. oop's did I say that out loud. M&P 9mm shield/w CT laser. on Jan 8th 2016

    5. well made & secure

      bought the one sized for j frame.
      i wear nylon work out gear in Florida.
      The weight without belt support causes a bit of bulging.
      Ended up using it for my hi standard derringer.
      Works good.
      As colder weather sets in,
      will evaluate further with different garments.
      Another good option to keep for concealed versatility,
      on Dec 7th 2015

    6. Some Issues

      Don't care for the clip. I would rather have a heavy loop or slot to fish belt through. Have had the clip come lose several times from the belt. Would like some padding between the gun side and skin. on Dec 4th 2015

    7. Works well

      The holster works well for the application I had in mind. However, it's obvious something doesn't look right with anything larger than a NAA revolver. on Nov 23rd 2015

    8. tuff conceal holster

      very well made, but didn't work with my big belly lol, sent it back for a full refund on Nov 21st 2015

    9. Good concealment

      Holster works great with good concealment. Only down side is that for the .380 LCP the holster is a little too large and the extra material creates a bulge under the phone pouch. Thus if anyone is actually looking it may look suspicious. Th metal piece that clips onto the belt is sturdy and holds the holster securely. Everyone one who has seen it likes the concept. on Nov 19th 2015